Timing Software for the Game of Curling

CurlTime has been licensed by the World Curling Federation, and is the official timing software for all major World Curling Federation events.

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Timing Software for the Game of Curling

CurlTime is available free to any WCF Member Association. You are entitled to download the software for use in competitions at any level or even as a coaching tool.

To get your copy of CurlTime, click on the box below. You are required to enter a valid email address to download the program.

Latest Version
- February 2, 2014 - program will install on Windows 8 and 8.1 systems
- March 22, 2013 - ability to recover from a crashed system. Time keeper can now put back the exact time showing on clock before the problem occurred.
-January 22, 2013 - repaired issue with Time Outs generating an error message when the option to not start game clock is selected in the settings.
- December 21, 2012 - added Cancel button in Setup screen. Issue with shot clock and mouse control addressed.
- August 29, 2012 - added a custom key for setup options if one wishes to deviate from the presets
- July 9, 2012 - keyboard controls have been modified to make them more ergonomic for time keeper. Added many additional features for time keepers and time keeping supervisors such as shot clocks and travel time clock. Option to operate the program using a specialized keypad, Contact for more information.
- February 10, 2012 - added ability to control clock using function keys
- January 11, 2012 - when adjusting time in the Between End and Mid-Game break, the minute will roll over automatically when changing the seconds
- November 30, 2011 - Fixed issue with CurlTime spontaneously closing down after End Break.

Please Note: This is the new version for the 2013-2014 season. If you have previously downloaded CurlTime you will need to download this new version so it will continue working for the upcoming seasons.

 CurlTimeWCF 3.4.3
Some files may require programs or viewers to open or view the download: Winzip